People Groups Mapping Event

The North America Mission Board is looking forward to the People Groups Mapping Event March 10-11, 2017, presented by Bryan Galloway, IMB. It will be held at New Vision, 1201 Montague Expy, Milpitas, CA 95035. Participants will not be charged, but lunch is on your own. Please contact Dr. Linda Bergquist at 415.359.3397 or check out their website

2012 Summit Still Paying Dividends Five Years Later

Swahili Church Choir

The smallest city ever to host the Ethnic Ministries Summit was Spartanburg, SC, and it is still reaping new dividends five years later. The 2015 dividend was World Relief opening its first office in South Carolina and making Spartanburg a refugee resettlement site. Many of these refuges have come from countries in the African region near the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their first language is of their country of origin, but Swahili is a second language for about seventy-five of the first refugees.

Desiring to minister to these refugees, the ministry organization which had sponsored the Summit began working to provide a church for them. They found Samuel Kioko, a Swahili-speaking Kenyan pastor of an English-speaking multiethnic church in Greenville, SC, and made it possible for him to travel twice a week to Spartanburg to begin planting a church. They paid him an honorarium and mileage and also provided seventy-five Bibles and songbooks in Swahili.

During this time, the closest church to the house church was praying for an interpreter for a Swahili family attending their church who could not speak English. They saw Samuel as an answer to their prayers and, when the house church outgrew the apartment, they shared their facilities with them.

Samuel continued his church planting work from May to November, and God provided a new co-pastor, Charles Kenya. Charles is a Swahili from Kenya who came to Spartanburg to attend the local Chiropractic College and now teaches there in addition to pastoring and running his own practice. On Sunday, January 29, 2017, a second new co-pastor was ordained, Augustin Mutabesha, a Congolese who had escaped to Kenya. While there, he earned his BS and MBA and came to Spartanburg in 2016.

Ordination Service

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EAN Events

Biblical Perspectives on Migration Seminar

Biblical Perspectives on Migration: A recent poll found that 9 out of 10 evangelicals say that the Bible doesn’t influence their views on immigration. This seminar will offer practical tools and resources on how to develop biblical teaching on migration and immigrants in your church.

This is one topic covered in Spanish and English at the Kingdom Fusion Ethnic Ministries Summit, October 28 – 29, 2016.

Register TODAY to get the Super Early Bird price of $30.00, which includes lunch. This price ends on Monday October 10, so don’t delay!

Join us as we learn together.

9/11 called catalyst for missions to Muslims

According to a new article from Baptist Press:

When radical Islamic terrorists brought down the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers 15 years ago, they didn’t realize their actions would also help bring down walls to reaching Muslims with the Gospel.

But that’s exactly what happened.

In the years since Sept. 11, 2001, the number of Unengaged, Muslim Unreached People Groups (UMUPGs) in the world has decreased by nearly 20 percent, from 1,333 in 2001 to 1,077 today, according to statistics provided by Vision 5:9, a coalition of Christian missions organizations focused on reaching Muslims. Read more…

Wisdom from Evangelicals in Europe addressing the refugee crisis

What is the place of the Church and how can we respond to the influx of refugees with both wisdom and love? How can Christians be the hands and feet of Jesus to a wandering and disadvantaged people?  How can we effectively communicate the gospel in such circumstances?

These are questions the Forum of Christian Leaders attempt to answer in this Roundtable Discussion. They brought together evangelical leaders from various perspectives in order to address the challenges and opportunities posed by Europe’s refugee crisis. Perhaps we can learn something from them.

The U.S. Hispanic population is changing


Source: Pew Research Center

A new Pew Research Center report finds that the growth and dispersion of the U.S. Latino population has slowed since 2007, when the Great Recession started, immigration from Latin America cooled and Latino fertility rates began to fall.

Read the key takeaways, and explore the data by state, county and metropolitan area in their interactive maps and fact sheets.

Summit Registration

The 2016 Ethnic Ministries Summit will be held in the North Bay Area of California, October 28-29, 2016, Hessel Church, Sebastopol, California. REGISTER TODAY at

Seeking Refuge

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