Click a link below to find publications and other resources for Christian ministries and churches involved in multiethnic ministry.*

Ethnic America Network

Timely downloadable position papers from the Ethnic America Network on key topics related to ethnic ministry:

Virtual Storehouse

Print-on-demand New Testament in Nahuatl, Guerro/Spanish (bilingual), Vietnamese, Thai, Ukranian, Nepali, Abau, Aubelawa, and more.

Next Step Resources

Books supporting multicultural ministry as well as general church ministry.

Global Recordings Network

Recordings for evangelism and basic Bible teaching in 6,296 languages and dialects.

Books, videos, DVDs and other resources to increase understanding of the Great Commission within our contemporary and globalized world.

The Immigration Alliance

Resources to help churches provide fair, trustworthy immigration legal counsel to immigrants.

InterVarsity Press

Books related to multi-ethnic ministry from the publishing arm of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.


* The resources listed here, with the exception of those specifically provided by the Ethnic America Network (EAN), are for your information only. When you click a hyperlink listed on this page, you will leave and visit a page that is controlled by a third party and not by EAN.

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