Dear EAN Members and Friends:

We are all going through some unprecedented and unpredictable times in our lives and ministries.  Our God is sovereign and fully in charge!

It is in such times that the Holy Spirit often invites the Christian and the Church to respond with hope, boldness and innovation.  As Ethnic America Network we are called to do the same.

A group of EAN members have been busily meeting over zoom calls for several months.  They have been working at RE-BRANDING EAN for a new and preferred future.

They need your urgent input to receive guidance for future direction for EAN.  They have developed a simple EAN SURVEY for you to fill.  It will take just FIVE minutes!!

We need your response with duly-filled surveys by Friday, October 9, 2020

Thank you,
Dr. T.V.  Thomas Ex 3:14
Chairman, EAN

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